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Post  Saber Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:12 pm

Name: Saber
Nicknames: Light-saber, Fang, Bright-light, Neon
Age: 16 moons
Mate/Kits: Nope
Family: Unknown, but sometimes Saber will have dreams of a calico she-cat and kits.
Mentor/Apprentice: No one, he's to new in the clan
Guilty Pleasures: Salmon with mice on it, kittypet food (Steaks, Vanilla icecream, Milkshakes), ignorance
Personality: Quirky, Positive, Sarcastic, Awkward, Protective, Anger issues (sometimes)
Appearance: Light brown tabby stripes, with tan fur. He has fluorescent green eyes, with a black line around them. He has large ears, with tufts of tan fur on the tip. His claws are incredibly sharp and are 3-inches long. He has long legs, which is why he runs so quickly. He has a long tail, with light brown rings around it. He has a black nose and black paw pads. He is very Muscular, (lol) and athletic. He lives to run and fight, especially if it's a competition.
Pet Peeves: Perfection, bossiness, arrogance, one certain cat (Shadowseer and Ernestine, you know who I'm talking about), work, waking up, seeing his sister (Razz), not getting sleep, not getting food
Talents/Skills: He is incredibly agile and nimble. Can run very fast. Was said to fight better than Tigerstar himself. Making cats laugh, oftentimes at himself.
Weaknesses: Doing something he doesn't want to do. He sucks with words. Isn't very responsible, and is very "simple-minded." Seeing friends or family in pain.
History: Saber started out as a mischievous, playful rogue-kit. He was always causing trouble, but never got caught. He had a few siblings, but he doesn't remember much of them. He remembers his mother as a soft, fragile calico with orange tabby markings and bright blue eyes. His father left the family to fend on their own before the kits were born.

When they were staying at a farm, Saber ate 4/5 of the chickens and turkeys, so he had to leave, being 5 moons old.

On his own, Saber did okay. He'd eat the kittypet food he'd get after begging. He was as well-fed as any kittypet. He ran into a silver tabby that goes by the name of Moonblossom. Moonblossom raised him until he was 7 moons old, and she said she had to leave. Saber missed her dearly, and now felt lonely.

Then he ran into a family of cats. The father was Auburn, the mother Socks, and their son Spots. Socks and Auburn let Saber stay with them and eat their food. Then, when Socks realized she was pregnant, Auburn told Saber he had to leave when the kit was born, because they needed more food. Saber met Spots, then left.

Saber wandered around, missing Moonblossom. Coincidently, Moonblossom found him, and stayed with him again. She eventually made WhisperClan, and promised Saber a high position in the clan.

Sorrel- Saber's mother. She is a calico with orange tabby markings on her legs and white paws. She has bright blue eyes. She is very fragile and sensitive, originally being a kittypet. She was kicked out of the house when her poor owners couldn't pay to feed her anymore. She met Saber's father in the woods, when she was trying to hunt.
Zeus- Saber's father. He is a tabby with amber eyes. He was a stray his whole life, and knew nothing else. He was selfish and arrogant, keeping all of his prey to himself. He'd rather watch a cat die, than not have 3 meals a day. Until he met Sorrel. He thought he had been changed into a weakling by her, and he hated it. So he abandoned Sorrel, not knowing she was pregnant.

Gawd. That took forever! I'll add more on family after my brain rests for a while.

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Post  Moonshadow Sun Apr 29, 2012 7:59 pm

I like it, Saber! Although, it doesn't do me justice. Nah...Jk. Razz

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Post  Shadowseer Mon Apr 30, 2012 5:41 pm

Razz I LOVE the name, Light Saber! Very Happy


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