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Post  Fernmist on Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:36 pm

Name: Fernmist
Gender: She-cat
Mate: None (looking.. ^_^)
Mother: Poppyspots
Father: Cougarleap
Sisters: Rainspirit and Icefeather
Brother: Honeyspots
Description: silver-blue tortoiseshell she-cat with fern-green eyes and a short, white-tipped tail.
Personality: Sweet and outgoing, not afraid to stand up for what's right.
History: Fernmist grew up in RiverClan, in a time of war with SkyClan. she and her brother Honeyspots were very close, but her sisters had other friends and liked to keep to themselves. She never knew her father until one day, about a half moon after she had recieved her warrior name, she and a few older warriors were having a little border skirmish with SkyClan and saw a tom that, at first, she thought was her brother. The tom turned and faced her, and only then did Fernmist realize that it was not Honeyspots- although he looked just like him, he was much older and had fern-green eyes instead of the amber eyes Honeyspots had. The tom looked at her and must have realized the resemblance. He stepped forward but was stopped by another SkyClan warrior. The tom, who she later found out his name was Cougarleap, confronted her at the next gathering. They met several times and he told her how him and Poppyspots had fallen in love. Since the two Clans were rivals at the time, it was very hard for them to see each other. Eventually their secret was found out and they had to separate, but Fernmist sent messages back and forth between them. Eventually she became deputy, then leader, of her Clan. She was a very brave and honest warrior and help solve quarrels with other Clans without fighting.


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Post  Twixxy on Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:26 am

Nice! So do you plan to be leader of RiverClan?

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